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Manufacturers of radiateur (heat sinks) for electronics offering unique designs combining superior thermal performance, premium quality and excellent value to suit a wide range of applications. Standard range 2.3 - 0.1 *C/W (0.15 - 2.5 kg.)". * degrees. Conrad radiateur manufacture

high quality extruded aluminium (aluminum) radiateur

for use in the following applications:

electronics, electrical, amplifiers, power supplies, rectifiers, power controllers, semiconductors, telecommunications and peltier devices.

Conrad radiateur

are extruded, not diecast, resulting in greatly improved quality and very low porosity. The component mounting surfaces on Conrad radiateur are machined, generally linished and remain uncoated. This surface preparation maximizes thermal conductivity between component and heatsink.

The flanged mounting feature is designed to improve thermal conductivity, provide greater ease of assembly and savings in cost compared to a fabricated heatsink and right angle bracket arrangement. By eliminating the thermal junction between heatsink base and bracket with a single piece heatsink, component temperatures are significantly reduced.

For example, the thermal resistance of the interface between a right angle bracket with cross-section 40x40x6mm bolted at 50mm. intervals to a flat backed heatsink (including thermal grease), has been measured at 3.5 C/W/cm2. The corresponding figure for Conrad flanged heatsink is virtually zero.

As a rule, heatsink width (as measured transversely across the fins) is thermally more effective than length (as measured along the fins). Comparing the two radiateur of similar thermal resistance the wider heatsink is more effective as far as power dissipated per unit volume (45% greater) and weight (28% less). Hence, the inclusion of relatively broad radiateur into the Conrad range.

The heatsink section profiles have been designed to provide an optimum fin profile for a given fin height, length and convection condition. Conrad radiateur are suitable for both natural convection and forced airflow.

Optimum section thicknesses are provided to maintain conservative temperature gradients across all heatsink surfaces and ensure ample mechanical strength which assists mounting components (in order to maintain flatness and provide sufficient fastener thread depth) and for applications where the heatsink is used as a structural component (for example, as part of an enclosure).

Aluminium Alloy (Aluminum)

Conrad radiateur are manufactured using primary specification CC 601 aluminium alloy, chosen for:

high thermal conductivity,
premium physical properties- strength, ductility, machinability, corrosion resistance and suitability to the forming process.
To maintain premium material properties, all alloy is strontium modified, titanium-boron grain refined and hydrogen de-gassed prior to use in manufacture.

Coating Material
Textured black polyester powder coating has been chosen as the standard finish on all coated Conrad radiateur and provides:
a quality, durable and attractive finish capable of withstanding elevated temperatures,
increased thermal dissipation in the order of 5% to 8% (depending on the heatsink) under natural convection.

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